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Guild Allies

Guild Allies
Not everyone wants or is able to be a member of our guild. Perhaps they are members of a different guild, or want their character to be guildless, or they could be unable to join due to being of a different race. Whatever their reasons are, they still might want to attend our events and participate in our activities! That is why the Shari'Adune keep track of Guild Allies - people friendly to our cause but not in the guild! They are notified of and invited to all events and activities via in-game mail so they can prepare and attend the events they want to.

Think of it as a mailing list for anyone who wants to attend our events. :)

There are two types of Guild Allies:
-IC Guild Allies: The guild recognizes these individuals as friendly to the cause of the Shari'Adune.
Although rarely, members of different races are also included in this list.
-OOC Guild Allies: This is anyone who wants to be notified of Shari'Adune events either
ingame or via WoWGamer PMs. Hordies with Alliance alts are also included here! :)

How do I become a Guild Ally?
To become an OOC Guild Ally, all you have to do is contact one of the guild officers - Syathin (also on Lethys - WoWGamer username), Arthara (also on Arthion or Ilathion Silverleaf - WoWGamer username), Anedill or Shimiron.
You can simply send us an in-game mail, poke us in-game, or send us a PM.
Please include: The way you want to be contacted (eg. in-game, email, WoWGamer...) and the appropriate contact information (eg. in-game name, realm, faction (Horde / Alliance), WoWGamer username...)

Becoming an IC Guild Ally is different. The guild chooses these individuals based on their interactions with the guild. An example of an IC guild ally is a guildless travelling merchant, or a Night elf soldier aligned with a different guild.

With the addition of our Guild Event Calendar, Google can now directly notify you if you give us your Google mail address!

A lot of our members are inactive alts. These members joined the guild to participate in events, but due to our inactivity, never check on the characters, missing the few events we do hold. These members now have the option of giving us their main names or other contact info (WoWGamer username for example), and we can contact them whenever their alt has an upcoming event!

If you want to be notified about your alt's guild events on your main, simply contact one of our officers (again, Syathin (also on Lethys - WoWGamer username), Arthara (also on Arthion or Ilathion Silverleaf - WoWGamer username), Anedill or Shimiron.)

You will be contacted via an option of your choice, either in-game via whisper or mail, or out of game, like on WoWGamer.

If you enlisted into our guild, but maily operate on a different realm, you will be contacted there whenever there is an upcoming event.

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